Echo Lake

Echo Lake is where Flathead Wakeboard Academy has kept business head quarters since 2004. Located just 4 miles north of Bigfork, Montana, Echo Lake is nestled up against the Jewel Basin mountain range and is fed by it's small creeks and springs that fed into the bottom of the lake. Having no outlet stream and only 725 acres of water surface, Echo Lake fills up quick and reaches temperatures of 80 degees in the summer. Isolated by The Swan Mountain range and lots of islands and peninsulas, you are always sure to find calm, glassy waters on Echo Lake.

Whitefish Lake

Whitefish Lake is a 5 square mile lake located in Northwestern Montana, just 25 miles west of Glacier National Park and only 50 miles south of the Canadian border. The town of Whitefish was established in 1905, and got its name from the native Whitefish found in the lake. On the Northeast side of Whitefish lake, you will find a mountain with a peak elevation of 6,817 feet, known as Big Mountain, home of the popular ski resort, Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish lake stretches 7 miles long and 2.5 miles wide with the deepest point being 232 feet deep.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, with a surface area around 190 square miles. Flathead Lake is slightly larger than Lake Tahoe and is a remnant of the ancient glacial dammed lake, Lake Missoula of the era of the last interglacial. Flathead Lake is 28 miles long and up to 10 miles wide. Flathead lake has a maximum depth of 370 feet , and an average depth of 165 feet . This makes Flathead lake deeper than the average depths of the Yellow Sea or the Persian Gulf. Flathead Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the world for its size and type. Flathead Lake is 30 miles southwest of Glacier National Park and is flanked by two scenic highways, which wind along its curving shoreline. The mild climate of Flathead Lake allows for cherry orchards on the east shore and vineyards for wine production on the west shore.Reaching full pool and temperatures well into the 70s by the fourth of July, Flathead Lake is an excellent vacation destination.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a lake located to the east of Flathead Lake, on the other side of Crane Mountain, and South of the town of Bigfork, Montana. Swan Lake feeds into the Swan River and then the Wild Mile, which flows north into Flathead Lake. Swan Lake is a small, narrow, and windy lake that is difficult to navigate due to some shallow sections scattered throughout its 10 mile long, a mile wide body of water. Swan Lake is one of the colder lakes in the valley as it has a slow down stream current and reaches depths of 133 feet deep. There is a small divide that separates the Swan River Valley from the Clearwater River Valley and the Clearwater River flows south through a couple small lakes, including Seeley Lake and empties into the Blackfoot River. The Swan Lake area has numerous campsites right along the lake and is a great fishing spot.